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World Emoji Day: come un messaggio può cambiare la giornata

World Emoji Day: how a message can change the day

July 17 marks World Emoji Day, a popular holiday aimed at celebrating emojis, or those graphic symbols that we use together with emoticons to clarify the tone of a message when chatting with friends.

Because it's happened to us all that we have received a message that marked a turning point in the day... and we interpreted it correctly thanks to an emoji!

Emojis and emoticons: What's the difference?

Although often used as synonyms, in fact, from a technical point of view, the two terms "emoji" and "emoticon" differ considerably.

While emoticons are made up of combinations of characters available on the keyboard (for example, letters, symbols and punctuation marks), emojis are graphic representations, real images that can be interpreted as a kind of evolution compared to emoticons.

A personalized thought that can turn a person's day around

Primecook knows well the value that a unique and personalized message can hold within a relationship: between husband and wife, between mother and child, between grandmother and grandchild.

For years we have distinguished ourselves in the market of manufacturing and distributing the highest quality pots and pans Made in Italy through the presence of an exclusive plus: the possibility of adding an inscription of your choice on the surface, including emojis!

A truly original gift idea, and one that is very popular for occasions such as Christmas, birthdays, Mother's Day, Grandparents' Day and - why not? - on the occasions of weddings and ceremonies.

How does the cookware personalization service work?

It’s very simple! Go to the page dedicated to the pots and pans personalization service, choose the product you are interested in and fill in the appropriate fields. You have two lines of 25 characters each, for a total of 50 characters.

The system generates a preview of the result; to complete the procedure, all you have to do is add the product to your cart and follow the next steps.

And, yes, you saw it right: emojis can also be added to the customized text!

Is engraving safe?

Absolutely! Custom writing does not affect the quality of the pot as it is carried out on the surface using laser technology, which creates an indelible and wash-resistant marking.

Do you want to buy numerous pots and customize them in view of a special event? Contact us

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