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Smeralda Range: the complete collection

Take a look at all the products from the Smeralda range, the high quality non-stick cookware designed by Primecook:

  • 20 CM (8 IN) Non-stick Frying Pan

    20 CM (8 IN) non-stick frying pan

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  • 24 CM (9.5 IN) Non-stick Frying Pan

    24 CM (9.5 IN) non-stick frying pan

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  • 28 CM (11 IN) Non-stick Frying Pan

    28 CM (11 IN) non-stick frying pan

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    32 CM (12.5 IN) Non-stick Frying Pan

    32 CM (12.5 IN) non-stick frying pan

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  • 20 CM (8 IN) Non-stick Sauce Pot With 1 Handle

    20 CM (8 IN) non-stick sauce pot with 1 handle

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  • 24 CM (9.5 IN) Non-stick Sauce Pot With 2 Handles

    24 CM (9.5 IN) non-stick sauce pot with 2 handles

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  • 28 CM (11 IN) Non-stick Sauce Pan With 2 Handles

    28 CM (11 IN) non-stick sauce pan with 2 handles

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  • 28×28 (11×11 IN) Cm Non-stick Grill Pan

    28×28 (11×11 IN) cm non-stick grill pan

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  • Sale VERONICA – 6-piece Set From The Smeralda Line

    VERONICA – 6-piece set from the Smeralda line

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  • Sale GIULIA – 13-piece Set From The Smeralda line

    GIULIA – 13-piece set from the Smeralda line

    368,20 314,99
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If you want to give a gift, take advantage of the exclusive customisation service: you can have our frying pans with a sentence, a wish or a customised memory printed on them. Choose a useful and surprising present for the most important occasions: birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Christmas or Mother’s Day. Seize the opportunity!

High quality non-stick pans that are PTFE and PFOA-free

Primecook presents Smeralda, the first range of high-thickness cookware without toxic   and harmful substances, made entirely in Italy. A range of high quality nonstick pans that are PTFE, PFOA, and nickel-free, offering a real revolution for home and professional cooking.

Smeralda nonstick cookware is suitable for all types of cooking tops: gas, induction hobs, electric plates, ceramic hotplates and ovens . It is extremely easy to handle and it means you can prepare foods efficiently with uniform diffusion of heat.

The great added value is provided by Ecoshield, a coating from from heavy metals that represents the most valid alternative to Teflon coatings and is totally safe for human health.

Best cookware for health: the benefits of the Smeralda line

100% recyclable aluminium

PTFE, PFOA and nickel-free

Suitable for gas, induction hobs, electric hobs, ceramic hobs and ovens

Resistant up to 400° (in an oven up to 230°)

Quick and easy to clean

Riveted handle designed to avoid burns

The ergonomic riveted stainless steel handle covered with athermic and unmovable food-grade silicone guarantees a secure grip and stability over time . It has also been purposely designed to avoid burns. The base is composed of a steel disc with holes and cuts, which make the pan perfect for any heat source (gas, glass ceramic, electric oven, and halogen or induction hobs), and which gives greater stability during the heating phase. This reduces safety and hygiene issues caused by the tendency of oil and liquids to move upwards.

The pans in the Smeralda range are cold pressed through a high-power hydraulic press. Compared to die-casting, cold pressing is environmentally friendly. It guarantees respect for the environment and greater control of materials at every single stage of processing.

Each item is  entirely made in Italy from  100%-recyclable aluminium . The cookware can be purchased exclusively online. We ship worldwide within 24-48 hours by express courier.

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