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Migliori accessori per BBQ: i 5 must have dell'anno

Best BBQ accessories: the 5 must-haves of the year

Is BBQ your passion? Do you enjoy red-hot grills and a beer to keep you company in every season? We have selected the 5 best BBQ accessories for you to feel like the ultimate King of the Barbecue!

5 best accessories for a homemade super BBQ

You say "BBQ" and immediately you think of succulent pieces of meat, magnificent specimens of fish, strictly grilled side vegetables. But also baked goods, fruit, desserts... yes, because as you know with a barbecue you can really cook everything!

Here is the list of those that we believe are essential accessories to unleash your desire for BBQ and able to guarantee the reliability, hygiene and resistance you need.

1) Professional roast knife 23 cm

Ideal knife to cut roast meat, and not only: it lends itself perfectly to slicing cooked meats in general, therefore being an irreplaceable ally for the mythical cuts!

The effectiveness of the cut is given by the long blade designed to slide easily on the piece of meat, without "getting lost" in it. A feature that makes this product particularly suitable also for slicing medium and long-aged cured meats, essential companions for an aperitif with the sound of local salami in front of crackling embers!

Discover the professional roast knife 23 cm.

2) Set of 4 sharp steak knives 13 cm

If you think that your normal home cutlery is adequate for a BBQ, unfortunately we have to tell you that it really depends on the type of cutlery!

For example, could you imagine yourself serving an extraordinary grilled picanha at the table... and having to slow down the first bite because of an inefficient knife?

Here comes to the rescue of you and your guests the set of 4 sharp steak knives, hyper-manageable and able to ensure a clear and clean cutting of the meat without ever forcing you to tear the food.

Discover the set of 4 sharp steak knives 13 cm.

3) Magnetic knife block

Keeping your work area clear is easy and even beautiful to see, with the new universal magnetic knife holder block designed to accommodate up to 6 knives! A trusted companion to unleash your desire for BBQ while preserving order and hygiene. And adding a touch of elegance: this block is equipped with invisible magnets that define its minimal design and at the same time offer an immediate adherence of any stainless steel knife

Discover the magnetic 6-station knife holder block.

4) Paperstone® cutting board with cutting board holder

One of the biggest dilemmas for those who love to cook grilled meat? Serving it at the right temperature!

Problem solved thanks to this exceptional Paperstone® cutting board, an ecological material that allows to preserve the temperature of food up to 180° without continuing to cook it. Very simple to wash and totally non-toxic, it is complete with a refined removable beech wood chopping board.

Discover the Paperstone® cutting board with cutting board holder.

5) Santoku professional knife 18 cm

We conclude our overview of the 5 essential BBQ accessories with the prince of the cuts: the mythical Santoku knife!

From the long Eastern tradition, this knife is a real jewel that allows you to cut, mince, slice and shred anything from meat to fish to vegetables. A knife with excellent performance also guaranteed by its ergonomic Paperstone® handle and by the protective titanium layer of its blade. All strictly without nickel and other materials that could cause allergies.

Discover the professional Santoku knife 18 cm.

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