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made in italy

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Non-stick high quality pans safe for your health!


Knives, cutting boards, cutting board holders and magnetic block for home and professional use


Design made in Italy
quality for the kitchen and the table

Primecook is the Italian brand specializing in the production of 100% sustainable and safe cooking systems and and accessories for the table, home and professional cooking and haute cuisine.

Based in Brescia, we produce PTFE free non-stick pots and pans and we collaborate with the best local artisans to develop and manufacture top quality knives, cutting boards andaccessories. Reliable solutions with a modern and elegant design that revolutionize the daily experience allowing you to cook in a healthy and hygienic way, enhancing the flavor of the dishes

The respect for the environment that has always accompanied us is reflected both in the choice of materials and in the design of the packaging: our products are distinguished by the total absence of Teflon, nickel and toxic substances and by the recyclability of the raw material.

Discover the entire range of these high-quality, non-stick pans!


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