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made in italy

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Anthracite line: the complete collection

Sustainability, technology and Italian craftsmanship 

A meeting point between the new frontiers of sustainability and the best Italian artisan tradition, the products of the Anthracite Line are an absolute novelty in the domestic and professional kitchen sector.

The range consists of knives, cutting boards, cutting board holders and magnetic block with attention to the smallest details and made from a careful selection of the raw material - Paperstone®, top quality stainless steel, blade coating in TITAN-ECOSHIELD, natural beech wood - which guarantees hygiene, hypoallergenicity, resistance over time, versatility and ease of cleaning. To give further prestige the minimal and elegant design perfect for any occasion.

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Unique, beautiful, performing. The pluses of the Anthracite Line

Refined design
to amaze guests and diners

Hygiene, hypoallergenicity and stability
guaranteed over time

Italian craftsmanship
each product is handmade in Italy

Precise cut knives
also suitable for professional use

Non-toxic and water-repellent cutting board
maintains the temperature of the dishes without continuing to cook

6-position magnetic knife block
with invisible magnets for any stainless steel knife

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