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Use and maintenance of high quality Primecook non-stick pots and pans

Perfect cooking is keep performance high over time of our pots and pans is easy with our tips. And you will be pleased to find that our non-stick pans are much easier to wash compared to the market average: seeing is believing!

First washing pots

Before first use, wash the pot with hot water and a little soap (better if delicate) e dry it with a cloth or absorbent paper. This is because new pans are coated with a normal invisible protective patina which if not removed can lead to rapid damage.

After drying it is necessary oil the pot. With the help of kitchen paper, distribute a little oil evenly over the entire surface, without final rinsing. The procedure goes repeated every 3 - 4 months.

For future uses, we recommend always using a little butter or a drop of oil, so as to keep the non-stick coating perfect for longer.

Cleaning non-stick pans

For proper routine cleaning, after allowing them to cool wash the pots by hand with hot water, dry them with absorbent paper and put them away. If necessary, use a little detergent. We suggest avoiding the dishwasher as the use of aggressive detergents could ruin the non-stick coating.

Primecook high quality cookware maintenance

To ensure long performance and maximum cooking safety avoid the use of abrasive sponges is use only wooden, nylon and silicone utensils. In addition, repeat the phase every 3 - 4 months oiling (see first point).

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