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6 pentole indispensabili per la cucina

6 essential kitchen cookware items

One of the first steps when moving out on your own for the first time is buying pots and pans.

Whether you opt for a complete set or individual items, we recommend picking high-quality products: if your budget permits, it's wise to spend a few extra euros and have a product that is guaranteed to last and, most importantly, help you cook healthily. If you're on a tight budget, you can choose the items you need most urgently and add other items to your collection over time.

To help you choose, we've compiled a list of 6 of the most essential cookware items for your kitchen: here's our guide!

6 must-have pots and pans for your kitchen: single-handled non-stick saucepan

Ideal for preparing soups, pasta, sauces, stewed side dishes for up to 2 portions, or using as a bain-marie or double boiler, a single-handled non-stick saucepan provides high performance with a minimal footprint both on the stove and in the drawer. Very easy to handle, it distributes heat evenly and cleans up quickly.

Available in two versions: 16 cm single-handled saucepan (1.2 l) and 20 cm single-handled saucepan (3 l).

Non-Stick Skillet

A classic staple in any kitchen, the non-stick skillet can be used to cook steaks, fish, rolls, fried eggs, and sauté vegetables.

Our recycled aluminum pans with Ecshield non-stick coating are PTFE-, PFOA-, and nickel-free for cooking that is 100% healthy and fat-free.

Available in 20, 24, 28 and 32 cm sizes.

Non-stick sauté pan

The non-stick sauté pan is an unexpectedly indispensable ally: after you've used it once, you find can't live without it!

With its versatile, innovative design, it's the perfect pot for cooking risottos, stews, braised meats and fish, vegetables, gravies, sauces, and making pan sauces. Available in 24, 28 and 32 cm sizes.

Double-handled saucepan

Pasta, dumplings, boiled vegetables, legumes, browning, and braises are cooked to perfection thanks to the double-handled saucepan, extremely high in performance and with significant energy savings thanks to its structural technology that distributes heat perfectly, keeping your meal preparation safe from insidious thermal shocks.

The product is available in two versions: 24 cm non-stick double-handled saucepan (5 l) and 28 cm non-stick double-handled saucepan (7.7 l).

Grill Pan

Specifically designed for cooking steaks and fish fillets, the non-stick Primecook grill pan shares the exceptional quality found in the other Smeralda line products, mimicking those stone-baked sear marks typical of an outdoor grill. It's also perfect for all types of cooking: gas, induction, electric and ceramic stoves, and ovens.

Baking dish

Ovens are also important! That's why we've selected a non-stick baking dish for the oven as one of our 6 most essential kitchen cookware items, useful both for reheating dishes and for cooking meats, fish, vegetables, potatoes, and casseroles, as well as mini-pizzas and snacks.

Available in two versions: 31x23x6.5 cm rectangular non-stick baking dish and 35X27X7 cm rectangular non-stick baking dish.

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