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Coltello macellaio 28 cm, professionalità e performance a domicilio

28 cm butcher knife, professional performance at home

When Italian quality goes head to head with the needs of professionals and enthusiasts looking for the best knife for cutting meat, it results in the arrival of a new product on the market, one born from meticulous studies and specialized tests: the 28 cm butcher knife that's 100% Made in Italy.

Follow along as we explore the advantages of this exceptional knife, and the superior value that our artisans have delivered in the creation of this one-of-a-kind cutlery tool.

Professional butcher knife: simplicity, safety and hygiene within everyone's reach

Are you a professional meat specialist, or simply an enthusiast who enjoys butchering bulk pieces and barbecuing with friends? The Primecook butcher knife is what you need!

An extraordinary new addition to the Anthracite Line, this knife is a professional tool of incredible quality, where every detail works in synergy to provide you with effortless and flawless cuts of both raw and cooked meat. An indispensable tool specially designed to facilitate precise horizontal cuts as well as flawlessly slicing through meat. All with a strong focus on ergonomics and user safety.

Special features of the Primecook professional butcher knife include:

  • Stainless steel blade with a curved scimitar shape, for making accurate, effortless cuts, avoiding excessive stress on the wrist
  • Specialized blade coating using Titan-Ecoshield, an exclusive protective layer in titanium that is hypoallergenic and keeps the cutting edge sharper for longer, providing a tough corrosion-resistant finish that cuts smoothly.
  • Handle made of PaperStone®, the world's first composite material made with natural resins, paper, and recycled cardboard
  • Incredibly easy to clean: after each use, a little warm water, some mild detergent, and a few paper towels are all you'll need, and the knife is as good as new again!

Finished with an elegant design, the knife is especially eye-catching thanks to the impeccable detailing created by our skilled craftsmen.

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