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Funzione booster per induzione: cos'è e a cosa serve

Induction booster function: what it is and what it is used for

More and more households are choosing to abandon gas stoves in favor of induction. A decision dictated by several reasons, including faster cooking speed, the extreme ease of cleaning the hob as well as the possibility of taking advantage of a wide range of additional functions to better manage preparations and automate certain processes.

Among the most interesting features of induction cooktops is the booster: let's see what it means and how best to use it.

Induction hob booster function: what it is

Do you need to brown a cut of meat to perfection, or cook pasta water faster?

Most induction hobs are equipped with a "Booster" function, which allows for maximum boost to a particular hob plate by directing all available power to it. A very useful solution in the two cases just mentioned, but in general for completing more efficiently some of the typical processes that take place inside a kitchen.

The booster has a predefined time duration. For some brands and models, it can be modified or adapted to suit the type of recipe.

The advantages of boost on induction hob

Are you thinking of bidding farewell to gas and switching to an induction hob? This is why you should choose a system with a booster function:

  • The boost allows you to achieve the result in less time and with greater efficiency
  • Limits the escape of gas, heat and smoke
  • It is safe: the induction hob generates heat only when in contact with the pan, so should the pan be removed - even accidentally - there is no risk of getting burned.

To use the booster function you can use cookware suitable for induction. We suggest using top-quality pots and pans with nonstick bottoms; this will prevent food residue from remaining encrusted, have a better performance for longer, and make cleaning easier.

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