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Igiene in cucina: i vantaggi del PaperStone®

Kitchen hygiene: the advantages of PaperStone®

When planning a kitchen, in addition to its design, it is imperative to be mindful of two very important elements: functionality and sanitary concerns. If concerns for environmental sustainability — increasingly significant for both consumers and businesses — must also be addressed, then there can only be one answer: PaperStone®.

Here we’ll discover the advantages of this material, with its rapidly expanding use in interior design, and the advantages it brings to home and professional kitchens.

PaperStone®: What is it and where is it used?

Environmentally friendly, versatile, and chemical-free. These are just three of the key features of PaperStone®, a state-of-the-art patented material that today is one of the top choices for creating furniture and furnishings as well as outfitting areas and work surfaces where maximum hygiene is required, such as bars, restaurants, laboratories, and hospital environments.

But how is PaperStone® made, from a technical point of view? It is the first composite material in the world obtained from 100% FSC® certified recycled paper and cardboard, bound together via a patented phenolic resin called PetroFree™, made primarily by " juicing" cashew nut shells. The result is an all-natural material with no trace of any petroleum-derived chemicals.

An environmentally sustainable triumph that is also mirrored in its aesthetic performance: the use of natural pigments instead of chemical dyes ensures stable, even coloring that is also highly resistant to UV rays, for a product that will remain flawless throughout the years.

CE1935 and NFS® certified, PaperStone® also boasts a Class A fire rating (ASTM E84) certifying its elevated resistance to fire.

Visit the official PaperStone® website for full details.

PaperStone®, the ideal choice for your kitchen

Long-lasting, water-repellent, scratch-resistant, able to withstand stress, compression, impacts and bending, and suitable for applications where heat and flame are in use. These are some of the extraordinary advantages of PaperStone®, allowing it to climb the ranks to become one of the most widely used materials for creating furniture and furnishings of the highest quality such as worktops, kitchen counters, flooring, and windowsills, as well as everyday accessories and equipment (see our Anthracite line of knives and cutting boards).

Prominent among the advantages of PaperStone® are its non-toxic and hygienic properties. PaperStone® is a non-porous, compact material with long-lasting, nearly invisible joints: PaperStone® surfaces inhibit bacterial and fungal growth, which is why they are considered to be perfectly suitable for direct food contact. Non-toxic, it has been proven to contain no detectable formaldehyde and emits no VOCs.

Other advantages of PaperStone® include:

  • Machinability: Strong like steel but machinable like wood, PaperStone® can be easily milled and drilled
  • Repairable: any damage incurred can be fixed on-site
  • Invisible joints: joints are perfectly aligned and invisible
  • Extremely heat-resistant: able to withstand up to 350° F (180° C) without incurring alterations
  • Easy to clean thanks to the protective oil applied during finishing
  • Versatile: PaperStone® lends itself to a variety of applications such as kitchen countertops, tables, signs, window sills, cutting boards, knife handles, restroom partitions, cabinets, interior and exterior cladding, and much more
  • Customized: PaperStone® can be machined with a CNC pantograph to obtain customized panels.

Completely water-repellent, it is also resistant to moisture and mold, an additional feature further confirming PaperStone® as the ideal choice for outfitting a kitchen and daily use in food service environments.

How much do PaperStone® materials cost?

While all of this sounds great, just how much do furnishings, furniture, or accessories made of PaperStone® cost?

Easily worked, PaperStone® thus ensures significant cost savings when compared to similarly durable materials (e.g., a granite countertop) in addition to guaranteeing outstanding quality and virtually unlimited durability.

Discover our range of PaperStone® knives and cutting boards, 100% Made in Italy: because quality knows no compromise!

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