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Mise en place natalizia: 4 idee per una tavola calda e accogliente

Ready for Christmas table: 4 ideas for a warm and cozy table setting

The warmth of our homes, the joy of the dinner table, the beauty of being together. These are three typical ingredients that during the end-of-year holiday season bring together thousands of families, ready to set aside daily commitments to make way for a rediscovered serenity in the company of friends and family.

This is the origin of the fast-growing trend of devoting great attention to the preparation, with the goal of creating an environment that is warm and welcoming and represents a safe haven for our guests to sit in.

Let's look at some tips for creating a pleasant Christmas table can give comfort and relaxation to diners.

4 ideas for a perfect Christmas set-up

1) Warm nuances

Red, dark green, as well as gold and silver are the quintessential colors of the Christmas table. A timeless classic that is sure to make an impact on both tableware and textiles.

Should you want to opt for something more glamorous, pink and pastel blue combined with ice white and silver are a totally effective alternative.

2) Christmas underplates

Embellishing the table for special occasions? An easy and chic effect thanks to the underplate, an important decorative element that imparts value and, depending on the design, brightness to the table.

There are truly so many different types: fabric, cloth, porcelain, wood; so many variations depending on the style you want to achieve.

3) Christmas LED table lamps

Traditional candles give way to LED table lamps, which are all the rage today. You can resort to the now beloved monochromatic and minimal design LED lamps made of metal with thin bodies, or more creative tree- or star-shaped models.

Whatever type of lamps you are going to choose, we would like to point out two must-have features at Christmas: that the lamps be cordless, and that the light be warm and soft.

4) Personalized placeholders

Another idea to give a touch of originality to the Christmas table setting is that of personalized placeholders.

From a simple handwritten card to placeholders of a wide variety of shapes in wood or cardboard to tasty products such as small, pretty jars containing honey or jam, you can really indulge. Our advice is to create a keepsake that guests can take home and use as a Christmas tree decoration, keeping the good memories of this special holiday in their hearts forever!

A peaceful Christmas to all!

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