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Novità: coltelli professionali Deba e Yanagiba

Deba and Yanagiba professional knives

The Primecook collection of Italian artisan knives is enriched with new excellences: the Deba and Yanagiba professional knives.

These two traditional Japanese knives have been reinterpreted according to the principles of Made in Italy, where the quality of construction materials and extraordinary aesthetic workmanship are combined with exceptional performance over time which is guaranteed by the expertise and experience of Primecook.

Let's see together the uses and technical characteristics of the new items.

Deba handmade knife, the perfect ally for cutting fish

Designed mainly for cutting fish, the Deba knife owes its excellent functionality to its wide and stable blade, which is 4mm thick and asymmetrical, allowing you to easily decapitate and fillet medium-sized fish. In particular, the obtuse angle - where the blade is more robust - is ideal for cutting the heads of fish, while the rest of the blade lends itself perfectly to the removal of its bones and the separation of the fillet.

Used in Japan as a small cleaver, Primecook's Deba knife is 16 cm long and is made of premium stainless steel, compliant with food contact and easier to maintain than carbon steel. It is recommended for both home and professional use.

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Sashimi, raw fish and meat: Yanagiba knife, versatility and elegance in the kitchen

You say Yanagiba and immediately you think of sashimi, the typical Japanese dish. With its long and thin blade this knife is suitable for very fine cuts of fish, and not only: even with meat and vegetables you can achieve without effort the satisfaction of a true Chef!

From a technical point of view, respecting the oriental tradition, the Yanagiba knife by Primecook is characterised by its concave blade on one side, for an impeccable non-stick response that facilitates the detachment of the cut slice, and its straight blade with an obtuse angle on the other side where it is particularly fine and sharp.

Designed to be used in only one direction, the Yanagiba knife allows you to make cuts with quick movements and without the need to push. The Primecook model has a blade length of 24 cm, and is created manually by our Italian artisans in a unique mix of performance and elegance.

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