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Pentole ecologiche: quando cucinare (e mangiare) diventa un piacere

Ecological pots: when cooking (and eating) becomes a pleasure

"You don't have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces: just good food from fresh ingredients," said Julia Child, the famous American cook, writer and TV personality.

On the topic of the major attention that people pay to the purchase of products and equipment for cooking, made according to the highest health standards, we can say that, in addition to good food derived from fresh ingredients, there is another fundamental component required to experiment in the kitchen safely, both for oneself and for the whole body: and that's the use of ecological pots.

But what is meant by "ecological pots"? How can an industrial product be considered green? It's possible, of course it can be: that's how!

Ecological pots, the real turning point for your culinary preparations

Choosing organic pots with production transparency for your home or professional kitchen means being able to count on:

  • materials that are genuinely free from toxic substances, such as the much-feared PTFE, PFOA and nickel
  • products that do not trigger annoying or even dangerous allergies
  • uncontaminated and safe preparations for the whole family, including children, the elderly and vulnerable
  • dishes in which the organoleptic properties of the ingredients are kept intact and even enhanced, giving the dishes an authentic flavor
  • appropriate materials that are compatible even with high temperatures, without the risk of release of harmful elements.

There is also the possibility of using ecological non-stick pots and pans, where non-stick is no longer an issue thanks to ad hoc Teflon-free formulas and innovative ecological and inorganic solutions made with ultra-resistant mineral microparticles.

Non-stick ecological pots: you can count on the Italian quality of the Smeralda range!

Appreciated both in the private and professional context, the non-stick pots and pans of Primecook's Smeralda range contain all the benefits listed above in each product in the catalog.

And there's more: many more advantages can be added to those already listed, such as extreme ease of use, maximum compatibility with all types of cooking (gas, induction, electric plate, glass-ceramic plate, oven), high resistance to scratches and chemical agents and a uniform and efficient diffusion of heat, which allows for the avoidance of the "thermal shock" effect and to maintain the temperature reached for longer.

The overview is completed by mentioning the extreme ease of cleaning: just a little hot water, a small amount of washing up liquid for the most stubborn dirt and a few sheets of paper towels, and your pot is ready for the next use!

Do you have any questions? Do you want to buy our products in large quantities? Choose the professionalism of a 100% Italian manufacturer: contact us!

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