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Wok antiaderente: consigli e trucchi per un utilizzo perfetto

Non-stick wok: tips and tricks for perfect use

A very useful ally in the kitchen, the nonstick wok is the ultimate feather in the cap for making tasty dishes with truly unique efficiency, handling and ease of use.

A valuable aid that, thanks to its typically rounded shape, lends itself perfectly to multiple types of recipes, from sauces and stews to frying, steaming and browning.

Wok pan: how to use it, advantages and tricks

An essential in both home and professional kitchens, in addition to being very versatile the wok pan boasts two main features: the ability to retain heat for a long time and to cook with little oil by taking advantage of the properties of steam.

Two plus points that come from the Eastern tradition-to which woks belong-and which the cuisine of the West has made its own, further refining these products to unprecedented levels of excellence.

Advantages of the wok

Let's now illustrate some advantages of cooking with a wok:

  • Versatility: the wok is suitable for a wide range of ingredients (fish, shellfish, meat, vegetables...) and preparations using different techniques
  • Optimal heat distribution: the typical wok shape involves a conical bottom that reaches high temperatures, and from which heat radiates evenly involving the entire surface
  • Speed: Its unique shape and fast achievement of high temperatures make the wok the best choice for cooking with significantly shorter timings, compared with a regular pot
  • Organoleptic properties: rapid cooking promotes the preservation of raw material organoleptic properties and nutritional values
  • Light and healthy: very little oil is needed to cook with a wok. This results in extremely light preparations, and crispy fried foods that are very digestible at the same time
  • Capacity: compared to a traditional frying pan, the wok can hold larger quantities of ingredients with the same ease of use
  • Many different ingredients: due to its ability to evaporate liquids quickly and its conformation that ensures favorable heat distribution, woks allow several ingredients to be cooked at once
  • Appearance: the wok is very attractive to look at; use it for serving on the table and you will spark the "wow" factor among your guests!

And finally, we emphasize the opportunity to unleash your creativity: the wok opens up to so many different ways of using it that the fun never ends!

Wok: tips and tricks

Are you making the most of your wok? Check it out for yourself with our tips for use!

If you use the wok to cook vegetables, first we would suggest that you cut them all to the same size-possibly small-and cook them in small batches, stirring them across so that they gravitate to the hot walls of the wok and prevent them from resting too much on the bottom, where they would remain in contact with the oil. This way the vegetables will be pleasantly crispy: try it for yourself!

Wok also means (and especially, in the collective imagination) stir-fry cooking. If you opt for this mode, you need to make sure that the oil is hot, otherwise you risk compromising the crispness of the final result.

Another tip relates to the use of a ladle: to avoid ruining the bottom of the wok, it is ideal to use a silicone ladle or spoon.

And what's better than the wok to thicken sauces and stew dishes? A very simple and effective procedure, to be carried out with the use of a lid.

Non-stick wok treatment

An excellent nonstick system makes the wok super easy to clean, as well as safe for processing ingredients.

In fact, hot water and paper towels are all that is needed to clean a nonstick wok; it is only in the case of more stubborn dirt that a drop of mild soap may need to be added.

We recommend a home treatment with olive oil from time to time, depending on the frequency of use: wet a sheet of paper towel with a tiny bit of oil, wipe over the entire surface of the pan, and then rinse and dry. This ensures that the nonstick bottom is adequately protected.

Made in Italy excellence nonstick wok

Italian company Primecook has designed and made wok pans in two different sizes:

Like all of our items, Primecook woks are created in Italy, totally free of PTFE, PFOA, nickel and other toxic substances, and compatible with a variety of cooktops: gas, induction hobs, electric hotplates, glass-ceramic and oven.

Added to this is the unique value of Ecoshield nonstick, an ultra-strong and health-safe 45-micron-thick inorganic mineral microparticle coating with 3 reinforced layers. And so easy to clean: just a wipe with warm water and paper towels is enough!

Are you a professional and need to purchase our woks in large quantities? Contact us for a customized offer.

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