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Tuscan cleaver knife 13 Cm - 5 Inch



A must for those who love to cook, the Tuscan cleaver - known as a "butcher's knife" - is the perfect knife to serve and taste meat dishes. Very robust and with a perfectly balanced structure, the handle is handcrafted in Italy and is characterized by the sharpening angle and the ad hoc width of the blade, two fundamental aspects that allow the knife to support the cutting of even the most difficult bones and meats and withstands blows perfectly. Thanks to the swinging shape of the edge, the Tuscan cleaver can also be used to chop and dice vegetables quickly and safely, as if it were a classic kitchen knife.
As with the entire Primecook collection of knives handmade in Italy, the cleaver has a high quality steel blade with a special TITAN-ECOSHIELD coating and an eco-friendly patented Paperstone® handle that ensures high resistance, hygiene, non-toxicity and ease of cleaning over the long term.
A true ally both in the kitchen and at the table! In fact, the Primecook Tuscan cleaver can be:

  • Brought to the table together with the cutting board and used in front of the diners to dissect / portion the meat to be served;
  • Used directly by diners to cut large pieces of meat, such as Fiorentina.

It is nickel free.

NSF certified item.

The knife comes in an elegant gift box.

Use and maintenance

We recommend the use of each product exclusively for the purposes for which it was manufactured. Use for other purposes and other types of work can seriously damage the product.

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