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Fork and serrated knife set 13 cm (5 Inch)

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100% Made in Italy

handcrafted product

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coating totally hypoallergenic

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cut resistance

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Elegant handle

in Paperstone®

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safe grip

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Easy cleaning

even in the long run


Fork and serrated knife set 13 cm for professional and domestic use in high quality stainless steel. The knife is ideal for cutting bread and foods that require a precise thrust of the blade. Ergonomic and with a refined design, it is equipped with an innovative handle in Paperstone®, a patented material composed of natural resins, paper and recycled cardboard widely used in the hospital sector, in furniture and furnishings thanks to its non-porous formulation that inhibits the proliferation of fungi and bacteria. The coating of the TITAN-ECOSHIELD blade makes the Primecook knife a real jewel in terms of cutting edge resistance, surface hardness, corrosion resistance, hypoallergenicity and smoothness in use. 

Knife the uniqueshape of the ergonomic handle ensures excellent handling and ensures your handstays away from the plate. The unique sharp shape of the blade ensures theclear and clean cutting even medium sized meat.

This toothed version with reverse cutting edge for those special users who are fondof the classic toothed knife ensures a perfect cut without tearing the food.

Together with thefork, they make up a "Mise en place" of the highest level that fearsno comparison both in qualitative and aesthetic terms.



The set will come in a elegant gift box.

Use and maintenance

We recommend the use of each item exclusively for the purposes for which it was built. Use for other purposes and other types of work can seriously damage the product.

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