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Pulire la cucina prima delle vacanze in poche e semplici mosse

Clean the kitchen before going on vacation in a few simple steps

Has the countdown to the start of your summer vacation begun? Do you plan to go away even just for a few days, and finally get away from everyday stress and work? Enjoy this time off and make sure you have a well-deserved and carefree rest!

Before leaving, however, it is good to dedicate some time to cleaning the kitchen, so as to leave it shiny and ready to welcome you on your return, avoiding any unpleasant surprises.

Follow our tips!

Cleaning the kitchen before going on vacation: 6 tips

Cleaning the kitchen, and the house more generally, before leaving on vacation is a good policy that allows you to avoid the spread of odors and molds, and to make sure you will be soothed and calmed by a comfortable and orderly environment on your return.

Here are our tips for effective kitchen cleaning before a vacation.

1) Dispose of garbage

The first suggestion is to make sure you have thrown away all the garbage. Whether it's general waste, mixed or separate recycling, such as paper, glass, cans, or plastic, make sure your kitchen bins are left empty and take advantage of the opportunity to give them a good cleaning with water and bleach.

2) Empty the dishwasher

Remove clean dishes from the dishwasher and take the opportunity to rinse the filter and spray arms: dirt often lurks there that, if forgotten for a long time, can generate bad smells.

This could also be an opportunity to clean the dishwasher by carrying out an empty washing cycle, following the instructions in the instruction booklet.

3) Check the food in the refrigerator

In the refrigerator, do you have expiring food or dishes that should be consumed in the short term? Do not throw all this away: instead, take it to an association, or ask friends, relatives or neighbors if they need it.

Once the amount of food in the refrigerator has been reduced, take the time to thoroughly clean the various shelves and baskets.

4) Clean the sink well

Whether it is made of steel, ceramics, granite or other materials available on the market, before leaving it is strongly recommended that you leave the sink clean and tidy.

This involves both washing and putting away cutlery, cups, and glasses you've used just before going away, and degreasing, polishing and drying the basin and the draining board in order to find them well-sanitized and shiny when you come back home.

5) Check the drains

The dirt and food residue that settles in the sink drains can trigger unpleasant odors that will be there to greet us once we set foot in the house again.

To avoid this unpleasant inconvenience, take a moment during your final days at home to clean the siphon. It is a generally very simple task that requires unscrewing the components, especially where they have handles, rinsing them - or if necessary removing the food with your fingers or with iron wire - and finally screwing everything back together. If you have any doubts, you can consult one of the many video tutorials available online.

While carrying out this task, don't forget to place a basin under the sink, so as to collect any drops of water and avoid dirtying the floor with the risk of slipping.

6) Final steps

Great! Now that you have proceeded with the illustrated activities, all you have to do is go through the final steps, such as:

  • give the oven a quick clean and disconnect it from the power supply
  • tidy up in the kitchen by putting away any small appliances and leaving surfaces clear and tidy
  • wash the floors.

And if you have plants, remember to give them a little drink!

Did you follow our handbook? You can finally dive head first into your sacred vacation time: enjoy!

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