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7 merende sane e nutrienti per il rientro a scuola

7 healthy and nutritious snacks for the return to school

The beginning of school is now approaching, and there is a mixture of anticipation, enthusiasm, and eagerness to see their classmates again... as well as a bit of melancholy for the lovely break that is now drawing to a close.

There are several thoughts that also afflict parents who are dealing with a child in the height of their development, who is developing more and more aspects of autonomy. In short, they are growing up!

Among the many reflections that each parent has at the beginning of a new school year, one is about snacks: what kind of snack is the most suitable for my son or my daughter? What is the right nutritional content for a recess snack, which is good for the body and the mind and doesn't weigh down the body too much, keeping concentration at the highest levels?

We have selected for you 7 ideas for a healthy and nutritious snack, especially suitable for elementary school and middle school.

Snacks for recess: some indications

First of all, some recommendations.

Although they are very practical, experts advise avoiding packaged snacks as much as possible, as they are notoriously high in sugars and fats and very deficient in the nutrients that our children need. If your little one does not want to miss out on a sweet treat, there are much healthier options that we will see shortly.

For those who love fruit, on the other hand, we suggest always opting for fresh seasonal fruit: from apples and oranges in winter to strawberries in spring, each month nature offers extraordinary surprises to treasure!

Finally, we invite you to get kids involved in the preparation of what they will eat: it is the best way to convey the value of food to them and teach them the importance of healthy eating.

1) Ideas for snack time at school: banana with dried fruit

A first idea for a snack at school is a banana combined with some fresh fruit or nuts, whether walnuts, almonds or hazelnuts (already shelled, of course). For a child who is accustomed to eating fruit, a banana will ensure that they do not miss the sweet taste of packaged snacks, and indeed it will also give a greater sense of fullness, without being too heavy.

2) Yogurt

A firm favorite, yogurt is very popular with children and is therefore a highly recommended type of snack. Afraid you'll get tired of it? It is very difficult: just play around with different combinations!

3) Crackers and fruit juice

Another great classic, crackers along with a fruit juice (one that is 100% fruit: make sure to check the labels!) provide children with a great energy boost. Instead of juice you can also go for a homemade fruit extract.

4) Three or four pieces of crispbread and a fruit juice

As an alternative to crackers, you can give kids three or four pieces of crispbread - maybe even homemade with mom and dad: what could be more tasty and exciting?

5) A piece of seasonal fruit and a piece of Grana or Parmesan cheese

Another idea for a tasty and healthy snack is one that consists of a piece of seasonal fruit and a small piece of Grana Padano or Parmigiano Reggiano, even just a 20g serving. In this way, you will have a perfect balance between carbohydrates from fruit sources and the proteins offered by the dairy product.

6) Fruit salad and walnuts

Does your child love fruit? So why not give them a fresh fruit salad, prepared in the morning before going to school, and 2 or 3 crumbled nuts inside?

7) Wholemeal sandwich with a little jelly spread

Here is a slightly less healthy suggestion, but one that is ok as long as it is just an occasional indulgence. It consists of spreading some jelly on a slice of wholewheat bread, or better again, some fruit compote, which contains more fruit and less sugar.

Finally, let's not forget that children need to drink a lot of still water: if the school allows it, remember to fill a thermal water bottle that they can bring with them from home every day. This is an eco-friendly and cost-effective solution that reduces the use of plastic and helps to support the protection of the environment.

What is your child's favorite snack? Let us know on our Facebook and Instagram pages!

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