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Giornata Mondiale dell'Ambiente: 5 cose che possiamo fare tutti i giorni

World Environment Day: 5 things we can do every day

On June 5, 2022, Environment Day is celebrated, this year with the theme #OnlyOneEarth.

Established in 1974 by the UN General Assembly, the 2022 anniversary will have as its host country Sweden, leader of the initiatives that have the objective of reminding the population of the importance of rediscovering a sustainable life, in harmony with nature.

Because... there's only one Earth.

World Environment Day: the official website.

World Environment Day: how can we take part?

"We cannot all do great things, but we can do small things with great love," said Mother Teresa of Calcutta.

How, then, can we, in our daily lives, contribute to the protection of the environment and the natural ecosystem? Here are 5 very simple tips, within everyone's reach:

1) Do not waste natural resources

Turning off the water while brushing your teeth or moving away from the sink for a few seconds are the first healthy habits that each of us should adopt from a young age. These small actions are enough to save dozens of litres of water a day: if we multiply this figure by the number of people living on the planet, how much water would we save?

2) Opt for traveling on foot or by bicycle

How many times do we choose to travel by car purely out of laziness? Even for stretches that we could easily walk, by bicycle or now with the popular scooters.

Just a little change of mentality and everything will be more beautiful and healthy: moving on foot or by bike is good for the body and mind, allows us to better admire the landscapes that surround us and to get away from stress by rediscovering the beauty of calm and time that flows slowly.

3) Moderate your car speed

Did you know that we can help the environment while driving? Yes, having a light foot on the accelerator and making gentle manoeuvres is the secret key to considerably reducing CO2 emissions and... making your wallet happy!

You can easily see it on the highway: have you ever noticed how much fuel you save if you keep the speed at 110 instead of 130 km/h?

4) Key word: recycle!

Although awareness of recycling has grown a lot, there are still too many people who do not separate their waste or, even worse, dispose of their waste wherever they happen to be.

Almost all the Italian municipalities are now structured with an excellent separate collection system, mostly door-to-door: a real convenience, if we think about it! Why not take advantage of it?

5) Goodbye plastic

Although plastics are part of our everyday lives, the alternatives available to us are growing at a rapid pace. Think of the thermal water bottles in stainless steel that can be purchased online for a few euros, or the possibility of having water delivered at home in glass bottles instead of resorting to plastic packaging in the supermarket.

Today, saying goodbye to plastic is much simpler than it was a few years ago: let's take advantage of it!

Primecook's commitment to sustainability

Primecook has always been an eco-friendly company!

From the highest quality non-stick pans without nickel and heavy metals made in Italy with sustainable processes, to the brand new handcrafted knives and cutting boards from the Anthracite line with handles and entire cutting board made of patented ecological Paperstone® material, our commitment to the environment is concrete and transparent, and makes us feel proud of what we do.

For any information, please contact us without obligation.

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