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Giornata Mondiale del Whisky: idee e trucchi per usarlo in cucina

World Whisky Day: ideas and tips for cooking with whisky

A very special day for what Scotland refers to as the "water of life": World Whisky Day will be celebrated on May 18, 2024!

Established in 2011 and falling on the third Saturday of May, the event is particularly cherished by whisky lovers around the world, who celebrate the day with whisky tastings and initiatives, encouraging friends to try a nice glass of whisky of any kind with an open mind and the sole intention of having fun!

Cooking with whisky: a tradition in Nordic countries

An opportune occasion to discover how the countries of Northern Europe — Scotland and Ireland as well as the Scandinavian Peninsula — often use whisky in their culinary endeavors, where it can lend a unique flair to entrées, vegetables, and most of all, meat dishes.

And that's not all: chefs and enthusiasts are constantly working to identify the best types of whisky to sip alongside dishes, replacing other alcoholic beverages.

In short, one only has to look further north to enter a culinary world in which whisky assumes a starring role, with exceptionally successful recipes that are now firmly entrenched in tradition and that enthusiasts are also introducing into our Mediterranean culture.

Cooking with whisky: perfect recipes and pairings

You may be surprised to know that many of the ingredients Nordic recipes pair with whisky are actually quite common in our cuisine!

Here are a few ideas on how to make the best use of whisky:

Pasta and rice dishes: Whisky is ideal for flavoring risottos, as well as penne and spaghetti dishes. A terrific idea for giving a new twist to even a traditional carbonara!

Meat dishes: Whisky is perfect for marinating, flavoring, or preparing pan sauces for cuts of beef, pigeon, duck, or cockerel. In addition to the classic stovetop and oven cooking methods, you can play around with barbecuing as well: you'll see how amazing it smells!

Seafood dishes: Give your seafood recipes a twist: use whisky to flavor shellfish or fillets, such as salmon or cod, and you'll discover how good it tastes!

Side dishes: Whisky can also be used to make mouthwatering side dishes, such as whisky-glazed carrots, whisky onion soup, whisky-caramelized leeks or zucchini...try it for yourself!

Desserts: custard-flavored ice cream, hot chocolate, cocoa mini cakes with a molten center, mousse, cakes, cheesecake: the range of desserts you can pair with whisky is immense, and the only limit is your imagination!

Have you tried a new recipe with whisky, and want to share it with our community? Tell us about it on Facebook and Instagram!

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