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Padelle più belle a lungo grazie ai kit proteggi pentole

Pans better for longer thanks to pot protection kits

Keeping pots and pans tidy: a burden and a delight in every home and professional kitchen!

But the stacking game is accompanied by another deeply felt need: that of preserving your cookware in the best possible way, avoiding scratches that would irreparably compromise the product, especially non-stick surfaces.

Solving the age-old issue of abrasions is much easier than you think: and this is thanks to the pot and pan protection kits easily available on the market.

Protect your pots and pans, the allies for cookware that is always in perfect shape

Durable and versatile, pot and pan protection sets are the ideal solution for stacking your non-stick cookware, avoiding accidental abrasions and preserving the quality of the materials over time. They an indispensable provision for healthy and sanitary cooking.

The ad hoc separators offer greater resistance than other "do it yourself" methods and can be used immediately: just place them between one pot and the other, et voilà, the problem is solved!

Primecook pot and pan protection set

The pot and pan protection kit by Primecook is composed of 5 space-saving separators in non-woven fabric with a diameter of 38 cm that can be re-cut according to the measurements you need.

Suitable for any pot (aluminum, cast iron, ceramic, with non-stick bottom, etc.) but also for plates, bowls and other delicate objects, their shape allows you to effectively protect the sides of the product, guaranteeing worry-free total defense.

Hand or machine washable, they are easily foldable and reusable.

Visit the Primecook shop and discover many other unmissable ideas for your kitchen!

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