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Primecook presenta la nuova linea Anthracite

Primecook presents the new Anthracite line

Primecook announces the launch of the Anthracite line, the new range of kitchen knives, cutting and presentation items developed by our team and handcrafted in Italy. Now you can combine maximum efficiency with elegant knives of unparalleled quality.

A combination of resistance, safety, innovation and design for professional and domestic use made according to the best standards of Made in Italy, in continuity with the Smeralda line and with the same concern for the environment, sustainability and attention to detail that has always distinguished the Primecook elegant knives project.

The Anthracite Line presents itself on the market with four product categories: professional kitchen knives, cutting board, cutting board holder and universal magnetic block. Discover all the features!

Kitchen knives: Anthracite line, the real Italian handmade kitchen knives

In the catalog for the Anthracite line, there are various types of professional kitchen knives, all created exclusively by hand and unique on the market in terms of their composition and the quality of each individual finish.

From kitchen knives for slicing tomatoes to professional kitchen knives in sizes 12, 16, and 20 cm, from the legendary Santoku knife to bread and carving knives, Primecook artisan knives are distinguished by:

    • Blade and rivets made of high-quality stainless steel, specially formulated for food contact;
    • TITAN-ECOSHIELD coating on the blade, protected by a titanium layer that ensures cutting edge strength, surface hardness, corrosion resistance, hypoallergenicity and smoothness during use. These titanium knives guarantee maximum functionality;
    • Ergonomic handle in Paperstone®, a patented eco-friendly material widely used for the creation of surfaces in the healthcare, hospital and furnishing sectors. It meets the highest standards of resistance, hygiene, non-toxicity and ease of cleaning, also in the long term;
    • Minimal and elegant design for daily use both in the home and in haute cuisine, where an excellent knife block is always in demand.

Linea Anthracite-Coltelli

Check out all the Italian artisan knives of the Anthracite line.

Primecook chopping board and chopping board holder to impress at the table

The exclusive chopping boards and chopping board holders of the Anthracite line combine reliability, sturdiness, and hypoallergenicity with refined lines perfect for serving at the table on any occasion.

These items are enhanced by an attentive design phase that carefully considers every step, starting with the choice of raw materials:

  • the Paperstone® cutting board guarantees superior performance in terms of hygiene, cut resistance and ease of cleaning. The special formulation also allows you to maintain the temperature of the dishes up to 180°C without continuing to cook;
  • the cutting board holder owes its excellent performance to the construction material, beechwood, known for its resistance to wear, hardness and stability over time.

The cutting board is removable and can be used separately, while always keeping your elegant knives and titanium knives at hand for when you need their efficiency.

Discover the Anthracite line's chopping board and chopping board holder.


Universal magnetic knife block: Elegance and practicality

Another jewel of Primecook's Anthracite line is the universal magnetic knife block with 6 positions, ideal for any stainless steel knife.

With an elegant and modern style suitable for any domestic and professional kitchen, the magnetic knife block is made of beech blockboard and equipped with invisible magnets placed inside the wood, for an optimal aesthetic result and immediate cleaning. The magnetic knife block is finished with non-toxic paints compatible with food contact.

Discover the Anthracite line's universal magnetic block.


Anthracite line: ask for your personalized quote!

Do you have a restaurant and would like to order Anthracite products in large quantities? Contact us for a personalized quote. You can choose from many solutions of titanium knives and elegant knives. For those who prefer, it is possible to choose the most commonly used kitchen knives. The must-have knives are brought together in the elegant knife block.

The elegant knife block is ideal for those who never want to compromise on maximum knife functionality and ergonomics. Never before has design served utility to this extent.

The magnetic knife block represents the ideal solution for those who, between one preparation and another, need to move quickly between stoves and have titanium knives that are able to keep up with the pace of preparations.

Easy to store and quick to use, all the kitchen knives and the elegant knife block are designed to always guarantee maximum practicality in use. 

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