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6 idee vincenti per risparmiare energia in cottura

Six winning ideas for saving energy when cooking

The issue of high bills is having a big effect on the habits of families around the world. We are facing a totally new situation in which each of us, now more than ever, feels compelled to take tangible actions aimed at reducing consumption, with the primary objective of avoiding bills with dizzying figures.

Amidst the many negative repercussions of this situation, however, it is worth underlining a positive aspect, namely the increasingly widespread awareness of sustainability and the ability to reconsider our daily actions according to new logic of zero waste. This is a set of customs that - we hope - many of us will continue to put into practice, with important benefits for the future of our planet.

Energy saving: great actions come from small daily gestures

Let's now go into our area of reference, the kitchen: what actions can each of us take to reduce energy and gas waste, while continuing to live out our passion for cooking with enthusiasm, boosted with new mental rules with the aim of learning to waste as little as possible?

Here are some tips for saving gas and electricity when cooking.

1) Opt for aluminum pots

The first piece of advice is to use pots made from aluminum, a material that guarantees better heat transmission as well as more uniform diffusion, reducing gas and electricity consumption while cooking.

2) Check the composition of the aluminum alloy

Make sure to check the quality of the aluminum food alloy in the pan: the higher the percentage of aluminum, the faster the pan will be able to raise the temperature during cooking.

3) Use lids more often

Everyone knows that using a lid speeds up the process of reaching the desired temperature or the boiling point of the water. So, yes to lids!

4) Discover all the potential of induction cooking

The use of induction cookers requires different precautions than cooking with gas.

In addition to the fact that, with induction, cooking times are greatly reduced, there are induction hobs on the market with optimized automatic programs for preparing specific foods, and also intelligent plates that automatically regulate the level of heat through special sensors.

5) Reduce the size of the ingredients

Another suggestion that all of us can put into practice to save electricity and gas in a simple and immediate way during cooking is to cut ingredients into smaller pieces. This will reduce cooking times, and allow you to create your dish faster and more efficiently.

6) Take advantage of hobs or ovens when they're already on

"Two is better than one": so said a famous commercial from the '90s. It's a mantra that still comes to our aid today: if you need to turn on the oven or heat the induction hob for cooking, take advantage of the heat generated to make something that you will eat later. In this way you will avoid repeating the phase of greatest consumption - that of heating - optimizing times and costs!

Primecook pots and pans to make savings in the kitchen

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