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Tutti gli usi e i plus del coltello Santoku

All the uses and benefits of the Santoku knife

Versatile and resistant with a precise cut, the Santoku knife is an essential tool in domestic and professional cooking. Let's find out what differentiates it from a Chef's knife, what its advantages are and how to best use it.

Santoku VS Chef's knife: what are the differences?

Originating from Asian culture, the Santoku knife is now also widespread in our part of the world as an alternative, or as a complement, to the traditional Chef's knife.

Distinguished by a blade with a similar height throughout its length that only gets smaller towards the tip, a Santoku knife has a straight profile that guarantees greater stability on the work surface, making it ideal for the pressure cutting technique. It therefore marks a departure from the "rocking" approach typical of the Chef's knife, generating a different and more practical method of use.

Another difference is the length of the blade: while that of the Chef's knife oscillates between 15 and 30 cm, in the case of the Santoku knife it generally does not exceed 20 cm, making it the favorite knife in the home in particular.

Santoku knife: all the benefits

Here is a list of the main advantages offered by the Santoku knife:

  • Literally meaning "3 uses", the Santoku knife is perfect for chopping, slicing and dicing;
  • Being multi-purpose, it is suitable for cutting meat, vegetables and fish;
  • The shorter blade allows for more refined cuts with better dexterity;
  • Thanks to its well-balanced weight, its lightness makes it very suitable for cutting vegetables precisely;
  • The straight edge allows you to make sharp cuts with total stability and safety;
  • It is very useful for creating very thin slices, as per the best oriental tradition.

Santoku craft knife Made in Italy

In collaboration with a craft cutlery factory in our region, Primecook has devised the exclusive Santoku knife made from the highest quality stainless steel.

Fitted with an elegant ergonomic Paperstone® handle, an ecological solution composed of patented natural resins, recycled paper and cardboard that guarantees maximum hygiene, resistance and non-toxicity, the Santoku knife from the Anthracite Line has an extra added value: the TITAN-ECOSHIELD coating of the blade, a protective layer of titanium excellence that ensures cutting edge resistance, surface hardness, corrosion resistance, hypoallergenicity and ease of movement.

Get yourself a kitchen accessory with exceptional workmanship: buy the 100% Italian Santoku knife from Primecook now!

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