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Why choose stainless steel kitchen knives

When buying kitchen knives, are you often faced with a double choice: steel or ceramic?

In this article we explain all the advantages of stainless steel kitchen knives and why you should prefer them over ceramic knives.

Why prefer stainless steel kitchen knives (if produced by a serious company)

Stainless steel kitchen knives are the best choice in terms of performance, strength, cutting safety. And more generally quality, as long as it is a serious brand that does not compromise when it comes to people's health, as in the case of utensils that come into contact with food.

However, the stainless steel blade alone is not enough: to ensure hygiene, non-toxicity and compatibility with food use, steel must be the best available and every component of the knife, from the handle to the rivets, must comply with precise directives and the highest quality standards.

Once the seriousness of the manufacturer has been ascertained, here are the main advantages of stainless steel knives.

Stainless steel kitchen knives: all the pros

  • Compared to ceramic knives, stainless steel kitchen knives are less delicate and last longer;
  • The intrinsic properties of stainless steel make steel knives naturally hygienic and stainless;
  • Stainless steel knives maintain their cutting edge for a long time;
  • Thanks to their robustness and versatility, they are also ideal for particularly hard and difficult food cuts;
  • Steel offers a very high resistance to deformation. The harder the steel, the stronger the resistance.

It goes without saying that the better the quality of the steel, the more all these aspects are significantly observable. Stainless steel knives of dubious origin could have a very short life cycle, as well as not meeting expectations.

Tips for washing and making the most of your stainless steel kitchen knives

Are you satisfied with your new stainless steel knives? Wonderful! To ensure maximum longevity and make the best use of them, remember that you need to take some simple measures!

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Professional Italian kitchen knives: rely on Primecook quality!

Presenting a refined appearance, Primecook kitchen knives are handmade in Italy by masters from Brescia who have extensive experience in the field of professional cutlery.

All our knives are characterized by:

  • The use of the highest quality steel, subjected to vacuum heat treatment that avoids more or less superficial decarburization and oxidation and ensures a correct metallurgical structure;
  • The patented Paperstone® eco-friendly handle consists of fibres obtained from PetroFree™ technical phenolic resins, paper and recycled cardboard. This special formulation guarantees resistance, hygiene, non-toxicity and ease of cleaning unique on the market;
  • Hand-worked stainless steel rivets;
  • The blade is embellished with an exclusive titanium coating, which gives greater cutting edge resistance, surface hardness, corrosion resistance, hypoallergenicity and smoothness during use.

Linea Anthracite

Choose the perfect stainless steel knife for you!

If you have any questions, the Primecook team is always here to help

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