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Cucinare per i bimbi? Scegli la sicurezza!

Cooking for the kids? Choose safety

Cooking for a child requires specific attention. If a child is weaning, the concerns are multiplied, often leading to anxiety and fear in the parents.

Once we have established that we are familiar with the right weaning practices, whether traditional or self-weaning, safe chopping and ingredients suitable for a child at a very delicate stage of development, two other factors that help us enjoy this time are choosing the right cooking equipment (pots, pans, cutlery, chopping boards...) and organising a healthy menu suitable for the whole family. Let's look into this further together.

Safe cooking with PTFE-, PFOA-, PFAS- and heavy metal-free pots and pans

Whether you prepare the first meals or opt for home cooking, make sure you use the right cookware. PTFE, PFOA, PFAS, nickel and other heavy metals can easily be transferred to the body with very serious long-term consequences.

We therefore recommend that you obtain in-depth information on the technical characteristics of the pans you are using: among the qualities to be considered are excellent non-stick properties, manageability, adaptability to different cooking methods (gas, induction, oven...), excellent thermal conductivity, and easy cleaning without the need for aggressive detergents.

Discover the advantages of high quality pots and pans from the Smeralda Line.

A healthy and quick menu for the whole family!

Those who self-wean, know how convenient it is to cook the same food for the whole family, including small children. This requires adequate knowledge, however, for the cutting process, but also for the choice of raw materials: and it turns out that with fruit, vegetables, cereals, proteins, you really can make endless preparations!

But how should you guide yourself in planning your menu? Recommended by a variety of experts and endorsed by UNESCO, which has even included it in the list of Intangible Cultural Heritage, the Mediterranean diet is a loyal friend for the culinary arrangements of families. In fact, it becomes a real way of life!

Under the principles of the Mediterranean diet, fruit, vegetables and cereals should never be missed in a meal, as well as good fats (extra virgin olive oil and nuts) and spices. Plenty of fish and vegetable proteins, and careful consumption of cheese and animal proteins.

NB Remember that children between 6 and 12 months old need more cereals and fewer vegetables than adults. It is also necessary for their food to be cooked without salt. If you have any doubts, please contact your paediatrician.

What to eat based on the Mediterranean diet? An example of a daily menu

Let us now take a practical look at an example of a daily menu for a family consisting of adults and children:

Yoghurt with cereal or fruit, or oatmeal with dried fruit

Cous cous with a handful of grilled vegetables
Fish with a side dish of vegetables depending on the season

Slice of bread with 100% peanut butter cream, or parmesan cheese and a walnut

Pastasciutta with tomato sauce (for children we recommend a light sauce)
Chicken breast or beans with a side dish of vegetables depending on the season

The quantities vary from person to person, as well as in adults the ratio of protein, carbohydrates, fat and fibre must be different from that of children.

Finally, it is very important to flavour foods with the above-mentioned good fats.

Let us know what's on your menu!

Do you follow the Mediterranean diet at home? What are your favourite recipes? Share them with our community on Facebook and Instagram!

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