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Novità: mannaietta toscana

New: Tuscan cleaver

The Primecook collection of handcrafted kitchen knives has a new jewel in its crown: the Tuscan cleaver!

A refined and modern reinterpretation of the traditional "butcher's knife", enhancing the characteristics that have always distinguished it: exceptional sharpness, extreme strength and incredible versatility!

Made in Italy Tuscan cleaver knife, quality and durability for the table and the kitchen

Handcrafted in Italy, Primecook's Anthracite Line Tuscan cleaver boasts strengths that are unique in the cutlery market:

  • The sharpening angle and the width of the blade are specially designed to support difficult cuts and withstand blows;
  • Perfectly balanced, the sturdy construction ensures a solid grip and safe use;
  • Versatility of use: with its 13 cm blade, the Tuscan cleaver is also ideal for chopping and dicing vegetables like a classic kitchen knife;
  • The high-quality steel blade is protected by the special TITAN-ECOSHIELD coating, for cutting edge resistance, surface hardness, corrosion resistance, hypoallergenicity and smoothness like you've never seen before;
  • Consisting of natural resins, the patented eco-friendly Paperstone® handle offers an extremely high degree of resistance, hygiene, non-toxic properties and ease of cleaning in the long term.

True excellence among professional Italian kitchen knives, the Primecook Tuscan cleaver can be used both in the kitchen to make cuts of meat, fish and vegetables, or on the table to dissect meat in front of diners, or by itself to cut important pieces such as the legendary Fiorentina!

Tuscan cleaver 13 cm, the perfect gift idea

And there's more: the Primecook Italian handcrafted Tuscan cleaver comes in elegant packaging, which makes this knife a perfect gift idea for all meat lovers!

Buy the Made in Italy Tuscan cleaver now.

Handmade Primecook kitchen knives: discover them all!

The Tuscan cleaver is the latest addition to an ever-expanding range of handcrafted Italian kitchen knives, whose strength lies in the quality of the raw materials and processes.

A young and eco-friendly company, Primecook uses only the best sustainable materials to develop its products: all knives are nickel-free and NFS certified.

What are you waiting for? Visit our online shop selling professional knives and revolutionize your experience in the kitchen and at the table!

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